Hello Truffle users!

Version 4.1.0 is here and with it comes the “New Tab” page, also known as the Content Dashboard.
If you don’t have the update yet, don’t worry, we’re slowly rolling it out to all users.

If you're interested in our extension feel free to join the community Discord server here and share your thoughts with us!

PLEASE NOTE: You may get an automatic notification that Truffle has made changes to your new tab if you're using a Chrome based browser.
Don't worry,  no changes will be made.
In version 4.1.0 we've requested to manage the New Tab page which triggers this warning. This feature is something you have to opt-in to via the extension menu (pig icon) before any changes are actually made. Instructions on how are further below.

What is the Content Dashboard?

The Content Dashboard or "New Tab" feature is a tool for anyone who watches creators stream on both Twitch and YouTube.
Please note this feature is still in experimental mode (instructions on how to activate will be further below).

With this feature you’ll be able to compile your Twitch follows and YouTube subscriptions into one convenient location, your new tab!
The feature will display which creators are currently live whenever you open a new tab on your browser. It will also show offline creators if you don’t have enough currently live channels to fill the page.

image of the new Tab page, mostly black with icons of the users followed streamers and their most viewed sites
The New Tab should look something like this with version 4.1.0

Our aim is to make it easier at a glance to see which streamers, across both platforms, are live.
(Twitch and YouTube are the only linked channels for now, but in theory we will be adding other video/streaming platforms).

Another tool the New Tab feature introduces is the ability to pin your favorite creators.
By pinning a creator, their icon button will always be visible on the New Tab page (whether they’re live or not).
Note that currently you can only pin a creator when you see them on the New Tab page, as there is no search function to look them up with yet.
This is due to the Content Dashboard feature still being experimental, not all of the quality of life features are ironed out yet.

Luckily we’ve patched out Canada… as in the bug that caused users located in Canada to be unable to link their YouTube subscriptions properly. (not the country)

If you also want to be a helper and mention any bugs you find while using the extension, make sure you join our community Discord server!
We upload Beta versions of the extension in the Beta-Testers channel so you might even get to use some cool features before they're released.

The last addition this page will bring, is a list of your most viewed sites. In a similar fashion to what you would see on a normal new tab, except cooler because it’s from us.

image with text that reads "top sites" and icons of top sites the user has visited
isn't this nifty. You can also add a custom link to a site you want stored here.

How to enable the New Tab feature

Enabling the new Tab feature is easy-peasy, I promise.

First, navigate to your Truffle extension settings menu and click on the pig icon (if you don’t have the extension pinned, click on the puzzle piece and then select the extension)

image showing the Chrome extension bar

Second, hit the toggle for “EXPERIMENTAL MODE”

image showing the menu for the Truffle Extension
The menu before you toggle on opt-in to experimental features

Thirdly toggle on the tab that mentions the New Tab page feature

image showing the menu for the Truffle Extension with the New Tab toggle showing
The toggle switch's text has changed quite a few times, but it should pop up right under the Opt-in to experimental features toggle

After you toggle this on, open a new tab and you should get the Content Dashboard replacing your default new tab.

image of the new tab page
PLEASE READ BELOW if your New Tab does not look like this.

In some cases you will get a prompt asking if you want to keep the changes the Truffle extension applied to the page. (shown below)
Click keep if you want the feature to continue working.

image showing Chrome asking for permission to keep changed tab

Your new tab may not look right if you haven’t linked your YouTube or Twitch accounts previously to the extension.
Two buttons prompting you to link them will be shown in this case.
Clicking them should automatically link them to your account if you're logged in on those platforms.

image of the new tab page if there are no accounts linked with buttons to link accounts

Also note that you may have to give permissions for Truffle to see your browsing history to enable the Top Sites section.


Why does this not work on Opera/OperaGX?
Opera and Opera GX do not support overriding new tabs (https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Add-ons/WebExtensions/manifest.json/chrome_url_overrides) Sorry!

How do I pin a streamer that I can't see ?
Currently this is not possible however it is a planned feature, right now you simply need to wait till that creator goes live and then pin them.

I can see my YouTube subscribers but not Twitch followers.
Navigate to twitch.tv and let the page fully load so we can capture the relevant data.
Can I get stream title, viewer count, live duration etc.?

This is currently a V1 and we plan to flesh out more features including community developed widgets.

I don't watch live streamers can I see recent content instead ?
This is planned!

I like this page but I don't want it to be my new tab page can I go to this as a stand alone page?
Yes you can technically do this currently however we are planning to make a more user friendly way of accessing this page.

I have the switch enabled but still don't see the new tab page.

Go to chrome://settings/onStartup and ensure it says new tab is managed by Truffle. If this is not the case reinstall and press "keep it" when the prompt reappears.

Long term goals?
The long term goal of this page is to be a content dashboard where you can view all the content from your favorite creators including livestreams, videos, tweets, tiktok posts, and more!

Version 4.1.0 - Introducing the Content Dashboard (New Tab)